Most make you tired, some make you good. Only we make you Elite!

Rugby Speed, Agility & Conditioning Camp




On Monday, July 18th Elite Training began our 4 month long  Rugby Speed, Agility & Conditioning Camp with the Philadelphia Woman’s Rugby Team ( We started the camp with a pre-test on: the 10 & 40 yard dash, Pro agility left and right, “L” drill left and right, sit up and throw and the  Illinois conditioning drill. This pre-camp testing gave both me and Head Coach Bob Weir a lot of information on the strengths and weaknesses of the team. With this information in hand I believe  that we have come up with a good training plan for the team based on the results gathered Monday night. These workouts are to bench mark the individual team members workouts in anticipation of the upcoming season. As we work to build the team as a whole during the off-season and prepare for the in-season the benchmarks are an invaluable tool.  Check back in for our workout updates and pictures.



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