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“Big Bonez” Running Club

Have you ever wanted to become a runner? Did you ever think, I would run more if I had someone to run with that was more my size?

Would you run more if you had someone else make a training plan, had support and was around other liked minded people?

I think the answer is YES!

I am thinking about starting a running group for “Big Boned “ people! The Athena (woman over 160lbs.)
and Clydesdale (men over 200lbs.) running group for bigger men and woman whether you are over weight, taller or just have more muscle. Why can’t there be a club devoted to you?

It would be free of charge. I would make a complete training plan that would start slow and build to a 5k race that we could do as a team or group for a charity. After that I would repeat the process to a new goal as the group grows.

To start we would meet once a week, at various locations (also thinking early Sat or Sun mornings at a HS track to start) as a group. In the beginning have you do the bulk of your training on your own and then use the group run as a way to maintain motivation and gauge your training training progress.  As things start to build and interest grows as well we can add other days that suit the group.

If this is not for you please pass this onto someone you think would fit what I am looking for. I would love some feedback and determine interest to move forward.

Please email at


One response

  1. Mary

    Totally spreading the word on this…

    July 22, 2011 at 1:57 pm

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