Most make you tired, some make you good. Only we make you Elite!

Anthony’s BBQ Advice!

-Food and Snack choices- The stereotypical BBQ foods of burgers and hot dogs are hard to avoid at most BBQs. While they aren’t going to kill you, loading them up with condiments and sauces might! Ok so it is not going to literally kill you, but most are loaded with sodium and nasty saturated and trans fats. Easy way to kill your cholesterol! If you can, take a second to check out the nutrition label. Avoid trans and saturated fats at all costs and keep the sodium low (140mg or less). Look for more lean protein sources like chicken breasts. Snack often during the BBQ. By spreading out your eating throughout your time there you are in turn ramping up your metabolism. Just make smart snack choices. The carrot and celery tray are your best bet, just don’t drown them in ranch dressing!
-Dessert- The cookie tray, homemade rice crispy treats, brownies, and ice cream are calling your name. It is summer and you deserve the right to treat yourself and not let your diet completely ruin your good time. Just be conscious of proper portions here. Limit yourself to 3 or less cookies. Don’t have more than one brownie or rice crispy treat. A serving of ice cream is 2/3 cup. Your wiser dessert option is definitely the fruit tray. Fruit is a naturally sweet nutritious food jam packed with vitamins. Also fruit contains a lot of water to help keep you hydrated. Even a serving of water ice won’t hurt you too much. While it does contain sugar, it isn’t going to add much to your calorie intake for the day.
-Stay hydrated!- There is no way around it, you’re not giving up that cocktail or beer…or should I say cocktailS and beerS (and you shouldn’t haha). However, drinking in the heat of summer is recipe for dehydration. Stay hydrated by alternating between your alcoholic beverages and water. For every drink or beer you have, drink a glass of water.
-Be active! – Ok, Ok, so you can’t resist your second helping of burgers, dogs, and ice cream. It’s fine, it is not the end of the world. Burn them off by staying active during your BBQs! Swim in the pool, throw some horseshoes, have a catch with a friend, there are plenty of fun ways to break a sweat and ramp that metabolism up while you enjoy your day!
From all of us here at Elite Training, enjoy the rest of your summer and don’t let your weekend BBQs haunt you when it comes time for your weekday workouts!

Anthony is the Head Trainer at Elite Training LLC. and has a degree in Nutrition from West Chester University. Each week he will have a new Nutrition topic. If you would like Anthony to write on a topic you can send your suggestion to


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