Most make you tired, some make you good. Only we make you Elite!

Anthony’s Workout Report of the Week

It was another great week at the DVTA tennis summer camp at Villanova University! Our Elite tennis Group is really making some solid gains. We are literally watching them become stronger, faster, more explosive players right before our eyes! The improvements that they have made since our 1st testing day are impressive.

At Tuesday’s workout the main focus was lateral movement, lateral speed and change of direction. After our active dynamic warm up, form running drills we started the main part of our workout with a core and sprint circuit to improve but also, test their conditioning and metal toughness. First the kids performed one or two (depending on the skill level of the group) abdominal exercises for 30 seconds each followed by on court change of direction sprints, and then topped off with some plank variations for 30 seconds each as well. It was the perfect way to get the sweat flowing.

After a short (but many) water breaks we moved into the lateral movement work. Being quick and explosive laterally is key to being an elite tennis player on the court. By strengthening and stabilizing the muscles of the leg through balance and strength work, the player is able to recover faster between shots as wellas react more quickly to the ball. The players performed different lateral squat variations. When the form was performed to perfection as a group  we moved into lateral squat jump drills (focus on good form and soft landings) on the agility ladders. We then finished off with lateral footwork drills and side shuffles.

I was really impressed with how hard the athletes worked. They showed great determination at the end of each set, making sure they gave it their all until the very last second. That mindset, acquiredthrough training, will get that match point at the end of the final game in a big tournament. Workouts like this will have their legs looking like pro player Jo-Wilfred (see below) Tsonga’s in no time! I wonder how many lateral squats he
does in his workouts?

Check back in next week to see how the Speed, strength and conditioning part of the camp is going with me!



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