Most make you tired, some make you good. Only we make you Elite!

When is it time to find a Personal Trainer?

So you have probably gone back and forth with this for a while now but just have not been able to commit. You want a personal trainer and you think you need a personal trainer….but do you really?
Have you been going back and forth to the gym for several months without any real ability to commit to a schedule? Just so you know, it isn’t really a schedule if is not consistent for more than a month.
Do you spend more time during your workout looking around at what everyone else is wearing and doing and not truly concentrating on your workout?
Do you leave your workout not only thinking you could have done more, but wishing you had put more effort into your workout?
Can you remember the last time you left your workout actually feeling like you just had a great workout? Do you remember what that great burn even feels like?
My guess is that you have been on a bit of a break from the gym and your workout completely with all the busy-ness of the holidays. So are you going to go back to your bad habits of 2011 in 2012 or is this the year you get back to taking care of yourself in the New Year but in a serious way. A commitment without excuses….you know the excuses. ‘At least I am working out, I could be home but I am here so that counts’. That type of workout (a term which I use loosely) probably does more harm than good. I say more harm because that type of justification caries over into behaviors like eating and lounging. You have the extra cookie, candy, appetizer, meal out with the second, or third, glass of wine. This is where it does more harm than good. What is going on during your visit to the gym is not actually a workout but rather takes just slightly more effort than a vigorous shopping trip. What ends up happening is you are eating and drinking additional calories because you have convinced yourself your gym trips are burning off the indulgences, but in all actuality your workout is doing little more than allowing you to maintain your current weight. Add in the extras from the holidays and your pants will be tight by New Year’s Eve. If any of this is describing you and your ‘workout’ habits or justifications….then a trainer is for you. 

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