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Realistic Holiday Options

Realistic Holiday Options- how to make a holiday indulgences work for you
This is the most wonderfully fattening time of the year, but it does not have to be.
Let’s first get back to basics and work to incorporate small things into your .

Everything is fine in moderation…It is true. A glass of Egg Nog is okay to enjoy. Bringing home a gallon a day and sucking it up on the couch with a straw at night is not.

Try to incorporate extra exercise into your daily routine to off-set the extra calories. This can be as simple as looking for the furthest parking spot at the mall so you get a little more of a walk in. Maybe go out and rake the leaves yourself instead of sending the kids so you can be a little more active. And we have all heard that standing burns more calories than sitting so wrap those presents standing at the kitchen table rather then sitting in front of the TV.

We have all read that you should make healthy choices when snacking at parties or loading up your plate at a big holiday meal, but as often as you hear it and you try to psych yourself up to make good choices, all is usually lost when the cheeses, cookies, adult beverages and holiday atmosphere greets you at the door. So I suggest you go in with realistic goals and then you won’t be disappointed with yourself the next day because of your overindulgence. Allow yourself a cup of cheer, a bit of dessert, a taste of an appetizer and heck dip a veggie in some dip.

None of the tips are huge lifestyle changes, but offer simple little steps to offer an offset of the indulgences you should enjoy this holiday season with your friends and family.


One response

  1. Elizbeth Chesnes

    Thanks for the intelligent advice. One tip I use at parties for the adult beverages is to make sure I drink a large glass of water after each adult beverage. This slows down the pace and fills me up twice as fast. Have a Happy Holiday 🙂 Lizann

    December 15, 2011 at 12:32 pm

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