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Why we don’t achieve our New Years Resolutions Pt. 1

Sitting here looking at all of the FB statuses and it seems like everyone is getting started on their New Year Resolutions early and talking about what they will be changing in their lives for the up coming year. All I can think about is how many will stay committed? How many will achieve their goals? Then I think about why they don’t stick with their goals and” feel the exhailreation of victory!” Here is what I have come up with #1 they don’t have clearly stated goals, #2 No one is leading (or invested in them), #3 they don’t get in the right environment and #4 no one joins them.

In part 1 here I am going to talk about clearly stated goals and goal setting.

So, the other day I got to wrestling practice early and I decided to see where the individual wrestlers’ heads were and where they are as a team. Here is what I did as the kids came up from locker room and the athletes were getting ready, taping up their wrists, putting on their shoes and applying kensheild. I had them line up at the door and told them my goals for practice (I never want to be that coach that says do as I say not as I do). So I believe that if I am going to ask for their goals, I should state mine. So my goals for this workout were to drill their top 3 take downs, top 3 bottom moves, top 3 top moves, review the cradle ride series and be done by 5:15pm as it was a day before a match. The only way that you could get into practice was to tell me your goal for that days practice. It had to be clearly stated, achievable and something that could be quantifiable by the end of practice.(they didn’t know that part. I wanted to use this as a chance to teach the kids how to goal set) Now it was their turn…here is what I got a lot of, “to get better”, “to be the best that I can be”, ‘to win” (to win what?), “not to lose” (again not to lose what?) and get in better shape. These are pretty opened ended statements and because there is no way to tell if their goal was reached by the end of practice… so those guys were sent to the back of the line to try again. At the same time the good goals I got were, “to get 5 double leg take downs on John Smith”, “to have a 2 pound practice”,” to win my wrestle off over Dan Gable”, “I want to put Tom Brands on his back at least once today.”

The reason that the 2nd round of goals were acceptable and the wrestlers were allowed in the room, on time for practice is because they had clearly stated goals that we as coaches could use to motivate and help the kids achieve for that workout. Let me tell you something, we normally have an intense practice room but this was a totally different beast. The kids had purpose and focus. They were on a mission. They had something to achieve by the time we said practice was over. BTW we now try to do this at least once a week now.

Here are some tips for goal setting:

Clearly define your goals: Instead of saying I am going to do a 5k in 2012. (pretty opened ended)

Try this: I am going to run in the Main Street 5k on July 31st 2012 and I will finish in a time of 29 minutes or less. Pay your fee right away. Coughing up some of your hard earned dollars will help to keep you on track too.

Now you have stated a long term goal. Don’t under estimate truly buying into your goal. You really have to believe in it and be committed. It will be a long road and you will need to have faith when times get tough. Also, each time you go out to run, lift, condition or stretch you will be consumed by not only the 5k its self but time of 29 minutes or less. You will have a mission. This will drive you when you are tired, can’t get out of bed or miss a training due to life being crazy.

Furthermore, have at least 1 goal before you go out for a training session (short term goals or steps toward your long term goal). These little goals will keep you motivated along the way to your over all goal. Don’t get discourage if you fail to achieve your little goals. Life (and training) are about the journey. Enjoy the highs and lows and look at this way….you have a built in goal for tomorrow. You don’t have to stress about thinking up a new goal. You have to keep working toward that little goal. You have to get the one that got away yesterday.

Each goal needs to be very clearly defined with an identifiable result.

The next blog will be on being led, coached or trained and its importance.


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