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Part 2: Why we don’t achieve our New Years Resolutions: Beginning Lead


Who is invested in you?

It is a rare person or athlete that can go out everyday and motivate themselves to true athletic or fitness success. There is only one athlete that I can think of that came close to being able to do it all by himself (and he didn’t even do it all be himself). That is wrestling legend Dan Gable. He was undefeated in both High School and College wrestling…except for his last match, he did lose his last match of his college career. However, he then he went onto win the 1972 Olympics without one of his 7 opponents even scoring a point on him. Not a single point was scored by some of the worlds best! Everything that you read about Gable was how motivated he was. He ran alone, weight trained alone and had a limited amount of steady committed wrestling partners. That being said, you should know that his High School and College coaches are in the Wrestling Hall of Fame. Neither of these coaches are in the Hall of Fame just because of Dan. Clearly, they are in there because of their total body of work over many years leading and coaching different types of athletes and personalities. My point being that even the most motivated athlete on the Earth had great coaching and trainers to lead him.

One of the reasons that so many people fail to attain their fitness goals is that they do not have anyone leading, coaching or training them. You have witnessed this your self at the gym. How many people have you seen doing the same work out every time they come to gym and there are not any noticeable changes to their body? Or the guy you see that is a ball of fire for the 1st month on the treadmill and keeps stacking up the plates on the bar for a month then never to be seen again? Now think back and remember your HS or college days when you had that coach that you really liked and they really motivated you. What kind of shape where you in then? What did you do for him or her?  Maybe you just had a friend that was really into going to the gym so you went with him and you just followed his LEAD! Having proper leadership is invaluable to your fitness or athletic success.

Being a busy adult with a life and responsibilities it is more important than ever to use your time wisely. You can’t afford to waste your time, energy or money. So seek out a good  coach or trainer to make the most of your time and money. Join a masters swim team, hire a personal trainer, join a running club or hire a triathlon coach. This will help you immensely on many different levels. Assuming you did your homework and have good references on the coach or trainer and you think that you have a well qualified person. Go for it. Once you pay your money, now you are locked into a set schedule that you will be committed to and therefore make it a routine. Now you just show up ready to workout as the trainer has your progressive plan ready to go. Ultimately, you are not only committed to your self but now you have to be there for someone else.

So, if you want to stick with and achieve those New Years Resolutions find a good coach or trainer.


New approach: Functional Training and Football

Functional Training is a training system that we have used for a long time at Elite Training with our athletes. We have used it with our clients/athletes that we train with great results! Training should mirror competition to make valuable improvements in your speed, strength and conditioning in your sport. The NFL is now just starting to use this system vs.  the old idea of “grip and rip it!” or “Bigger, Fast, Stronger”. The idea of JUST the bench press, squat and deadlift are falling to the way side for kettlebells, bands, flexibility and cross training as the core of your training plans in the off season. Please read the article that is linked  to the picture above and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have.