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Five steps to Losing the last 5 lbs before that big day



So you have either been dieting for the past few weeks and you are stuck with that last five pounds or you have put off losing the extra five pounds you put on from winter and now the day of reckoning is almost upon you. The big event of course varies. From birthday party, summer vacation, family reunion, wedding or just shorts season in general. So in the event you have four weeks left I say it is never too late to start the workout routine. I will recommend the following five steps to getting you to your goal. First, It may be in your best interest to add in some classes or personal training sessions to really jump start your routine and get that metabolism going.  Second, drink water and only water. You can cut out so many calories and carbs that you will not even miss by drinking only water. This also means drinking plenty of it. Those eight, eight ounce glasses per day are not enough so go for ten glasses. Third, pay real close attention to what you are eating. I am not saying completely cut out every delicious morsel you contemplate putting in your mouth but take note of what you have been eating and try to consume some less. Fourth, you should try to increase you activity. I know you have heard it before but parking farther away in the parking lot or taking the stairs instead of the elevator really does help burn more calories. Walking more, no matter how you can squeeze it in, will help you take off that weight and if you keep it up you can keep it off.  With the extra working out, walking and less eating I am sure you are hungry at this point, bringing us to the last step. Fifth, try to increase your fruits and veggies. They are good for you of course but their high fiber content will help you feel full.

Good luck and if you need some help please contact me for openings in the schedule for personal trainings or class availability.


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