Most make you tired, some make you good. Only we make you Elite!

Back to blogging!

I have been super busy growing the business and family! I now have 2 awesome Sports Performance/ Personal Trainers (Ryan and Bill) working for Elite Training! Also, we had a son born August 9th Greyson Myles. So as you can see my time and efforts have been spent elsewhere.

Now that things have settled down a bit and I am in more a routine I wanted to get back into blogging about fitness and Sports Performance. Something that I will be talking about and love using in my own training as well as with clients and athletes are the TRX Suspension Trainers. These things are awesome! Both Ryan and myself got certified in early August in their Group Suspension certification program. In November we will be getting certified in the TRX Sports Medicine Program so that we can bridge the gap between rehabilitation and training after an injury.

In our coming blogs we will be writing about our observations, workouts, client results with the TRX! With the blogs we plan on having some videos as well. So please spread the word and keep checking in!


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