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Back to blogging!

I have been super busy growing the business and family! I now have 2 awesome Sports Performance/ Personal Trainers (Ryan and Bill) working for Elite Training! Also, we had a son born August 9th Greyson Myles. So as you can see my time and efforts have been spent elsewhere.

Now that things have settled down a bit and I am in more a routine I wanted to get back into blogging about fitness and Sports Performance. Something that I will be talking about and love using in my own training as well as with clients and athletes are the TRX Suspension Trainers. These things are awesome! Both Ryan and myself got certified in early August in their Group Suspension certification program. In November we will be getting certified in the TRX Sports Medicine Program so that we can bridge the gap between rehabilitation and training after an injury.

In our coming blogs we will be writing about our observations, workouts, client results with the TRX! With the blogs we plan on having some videos as well. So please spread the word and keep checking in!


Keep your New Year’s Resolution Going

So it is February already and Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early spring. If you have abandoned your resolutions for weight loss, fitness and a healthier lifestyle, now is the time to re-commit. There are so many reasons why our good intentioned Resolutions fail. A large part of that is we make them and don’t share them. What better way to share your plan than with a workout group that shares a common goal. Grab a few friends for a buddy training or work out class. You can keep each other motivated and accountable. Talk about meal plans and gain ideas from your friends for eating healthy, drinking light and maximizing your calorie burn. Good luck getting back on track and staying there!

Baby 5 Mile Conditioning Workout

All ready to work you out Dad!




What you will need:

Heart Rate Monitor

Running Stroller

16 month old that doesn’t like to be in her car seat and stroller very long!

Sunday, September, 16th 2012


What a beautiful day Sunday was and I got to start it off with a workout with my fiery redheaded 16 month old daughter Madison.

So, my wife worked a later than scheduled bartending shift for a wedding last night and did not get home until after 2am. Needless to say she was wiped out at 5:30am when Madison woke up. But like a trooper she got up and fed her morning breakfast and got her things together. Due to my busy work schedule I rarely get to spend one-on-one quality time with Madison. So any chance to get her out with me to work out and see others working out I try to take full advantage of.

Now that it is getting cooler out I feel a lot better taking her out for extended periods of time as she doesn’t deal well with the heat and humidity. So I decided to take her to the Ridley Creek State Park to run the 5 mile loop. Well, I got that and so much more! Before I get into the details you should know this girl never sits still! She is always moving and so curious about the world.

We had to park about a half mile away from the main 5 mile loop gate. If you are from the area you know that the loop starts with a nice incline that builds up to the huge mile and a half hill. Started off with a nice jog up and got moving on the major hill. That is where Madison got squirmy. About a quarter of the way up she wanted out. Not down, just out. So now my jog turned into a lunge workout with 25lbs. weight with 1 hand on the stroller and one under Madison. I had to keep switching because all of you mom and dad’s know about that burn.  Thighs are burning and biceps and shoulders are getting a nice isometric endurance workout. My HR was at 85% of max and still only little more than half way up the hill. Finally we make it to the top of the hill with the heart rate at 90% of max. At this point I had to squat down and put her back in.  Back on the jog now as that the loop begins to flatten out a bit. So I get about mile and half in and she wants out again. I had to lean back to the squat down. She is walking along fine until my little trainer decides that it’s time to start the leg training portion of the workout. She wants to help push the stroller. So I tilt it back on 2 wheels, she grabs the handles and starts to push. For about 100 yards at a time over a mile and half I am in quarter squat walk to help balance and push the stroller. WOW what a burn. Thank God I have such a fun and cute distraction. Back in the stroller, squat and biceps and on the run. With a mile and half left we pull over to the water fountain another squat, biceps and hold. Madison gets a drink and I really need a drink and repeat that 3 times. Back in the stroller another squat and biceps hold. Then back to running again.

So knowing my daughter and the fact she will not want to sit in her car seat so back out of her stroll except this time she doesn’t want to walk anymore so I am walking down the hill switching arms side to side. Biceps and shoulders burning all the way down the hill and back to the car.

What a workout. We both need a good lunch, bath and nap. Cannot wait until round two next Sunday. I will post all the new workouts my new trainer (Madison) surprises me with and would love to hear what other moms and dads out there get out of their baby workouts. As always, please share and visit our website, friend us on facebook or follow us on twitter.

Yummy in a Glass







Here is another juice idea…I enjoy this one because it is a great mix of fruits and veggies. Not spinach, not broccoli but still has some veggies in there.  I am sure this sounds redundant, but I always make a large amount for myself and drink it on my way in for my first am clients. Great way to start the day and although I cannot attest to it being better than coffee as an am pick me up (because I have never started my day that way) I find it makes me feel great and helps my energy level. And if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, imagine how good it is for you to have two apples, strawberries, a serving of squash, add a bunch of grapes and a few more servings of carrots. This juice tastes very good and is good for you so give it a try and if you change it up a bit by substituting or adding something please let me know on facebook or twitter. Happy Juicing!

Yummy in a Glass

2 large green apple or 3 small

6 strawberries

½ yellow squash

2 large handful red grapes

2 carrots

What a Great Week at Anthony Becht Football Camp

Elite Training LLC, had a great week as part of the Anthony Becht Football Camp at Bonner High School. The weather was great this year, the kids were excited to work hard and learn. With the talented Pro-Football Player Anthony Becht so involved, of course it was successful. I took this opportunity to teach and of course to learn new techniques from my fellow cliniciers, including Anthony Becht.

Elite Training was in charge of the Speed, Agility and Fitness Station. We concentrated on techniques to benefit youth football players.  This was a great opportunity to meet new dynamic people to learn and grow from, all in order to be better for my clients.

It meant a lot for Elite to have the opportunity to participate and teach the kids who came out for a great session. We take it serious to act as good neighbors and contribute to future athletes, and this was such a great opportunity for that. We look forward to participating again next year.

Breakfast…Is It Really The Most Important Meal?

Is eating breakfast really the most important meal you can have each day? The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicated that individuals that ate breakfast more easily maintain their weight. Of course healthy breakfast options are more likely to help with weight loss, but the results are in… breakfast is essential. So, before you run out the door, grab a yogurt, some fruit or low sugar granola bar.

To help with your addition of breakfast, add oats to the menu. Plain rolled oats will help fill you up more than the add hot water and mix versions. Those contain a lot of un-necessary sugars. Throughout the winter I was eating oatmeal very often and particularly loved it with diced Granny Smith Apples and a little cinnamon and sugar (just a little) sprinkled on top. My wife likes cranberries amd almond slices with a little low-fat milk… just a few suggestions.

How about eggs? They provide much needed protein and help to sustain you through the day. When I have a big day, I try to start it with that protein boost. I know taking that time to cook is not ideal, but I microwave my eggs to save time and clean up. 2 eggs scrambled in a coffee mug, 40 seconds, mix, another 20 seconds, mix, maybe another 20 seconds mix and go. Fits in my cup holder and I eat at red lights on my drive in. Gets my breakfast in and helps me feel good for my morning clients.

So, breakfast is the most important meal. Make good food choices and carry them throughout your day.

Juicy Ideas

I really enjoy this juice. It is so very delicious and is a good mix of fruits and veggies to fill you up and really taste good at the same time. As always, depending on the juice-making ability of the ingredients, add more. Personally, the strawberries add a nice texture to the juice and a great flavor. Enjoy and would love to hear your feedback after you try it.

Red Velvet

1 red pepper or half if very large

1 large handful red grapes

1 tomato

1 red apple

5-6 strawberries