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Yummy in a Glass







Here is another juice idea…I enjoy this one because it is a great mix of fruits and veggies. Not spinach, not broccoli but still has some veggies in there.  I am sure this sounds redundant, but I always make a large amount for myself and drink it on my way in for my first am clients. Great way to start the day and although I cannot attest to it being better than coffee as an am pick me up (because I have never started my day that way) I find it makes me feel great and helps my energy level. And if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, imagine how good it is for you to have two apples, strawberries, a serving of squash, add a bunch of grapes and a few more servings of carrots. This juice tastes very good and is good for you so give it a try and if you change it up a bit by substituting or adding something please let me know on facebook or twitter. Happy Juicing!

Yummy in a Glass

2 large green apple or 3 small

6 strawberries

½ yellow squash

2 large handful red grapes

2 carrots


Breakfast…Is It Really The Most Important Meal?

Is eating breakfast really the most important meal you can have each day? The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicated that individuals that ate breakfast more easily maintain their weight. Of course healthy breakfast options are more likely to help with weight loss, but the results are in… breakfast is essential. So, before you run out the door, grab a yogurt, some fruit or low sugar granola bar.

To help with your addition of breakfast, add oats to the menu. Plain rolled oats will help fill you up more than the add hot water and mix versions. Those contain a lot of un-necessary sugars. Throughout the winter I was eating oatmeal very often and particularly loved it with diced Granny Smith Apples and a little cinnamon and sugar (just a little) sprinkled on top. My wife likes cranberries amd almond slices with a little low-fat milk… just a few suggestions.

How about eggs? They provide much needed protein and help to sustain you through the day. When I have a big day, I try to start it with that protein boost. I know taking that time to cook is not ideal, but I microwave my eggs to save time and clean up. 2 eggs scrambled in a coffee mug, 40 seconds, mix, another 20 seconds, mix, maybe another 20 seconds mix and go. Fits in my cup holder and I eat at red lights on my drive in. Gets my breakfast in and helps me feel good for my morning clients.

So, breakfast is the most important meal. Make good food choices and carry them throughout your day.