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Yummy in a Glass







Here is another juice idea…I enjoy this one because it is a great mix of fruits and veggies. Not spinach, not broccoli but still has some veggies in there.  I am sure this sounds redundant, but I always make a large amount for myself and drink it on my way in for my first am clients. Great way to start the day and although I cannot attest to it being better than coffee as an am pick me up (because I have never started my day that way) I find it makes me feel great and helps my energy level. And if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, imagine how good it is for you to have two apples, strawberries, a serving of squash, add a bunch of grapes and a few more servings of carrots. This juice tastes very good and is good for you so give it a try and if you change it up a bit by substituting or adding something please let me know on facebook or twitter. Happy Juicing!

Yummy in a Glass

2 large green apple or 3 small

6 strawberries

½ yellow squash

2 large handful red grapes

2 carrots


Breakfast…Is It Really The Most Important Meal?

Is eating breakfast really the most important meal you can have each day? The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicated that individuals that ate breakfast more easily maintain their weight. Of course healthy breakfast options are more likely to help with weight loss, but the results are in… breakfast is essential. So, before you run out the door, grab a yogurt, some fruit or low sugar granola bar.

To help with your addition of breakfast, add oats to the menu. Plain rolled oats will help fill you up more than the add hot water and mix versions. Those contain a lot of un-necessary sugars. Throughout the winter I was eating oatmeal very often and particularly loved it with diced Granny Smith Apples and a little cinnamon and sugar (just a little) sprinkled on top. My wife likes cranberries amd almond slices with a little low-fat milk… just a few suggestions.

How about eggs? They provide much needed protein and help to sustain you through the day. When I have a big day, I try to start it with that protein boost. I know taking that time to cook is not ideal, but I microwave my eggs to save time and clean up. 2 eggs scrambled in a coffee mug, 40 seconds, mix, another 20 seconds, mix, maybe another 20 seconds mix and go. Fits in my cup holder and I eat at red lights on my drive in. Gets my breakfast in and helps me feel good for my morning clients.

So, breakfast is the most important meal. Make good food choices and carry them throughout your day.

Juicy Ideas

I really enjoy this juice. It is so very delicious and is a good mix of fruits and veggies to fill you up and really taste good at the same time. As always, depending on the juice-making ability of the ingredients, add more. Personally, the strawberries add a nice texture to the juice and a great flavor. Enjoy and would love to hear your feedback after you try it.

Red Velvet

1 red pepper or half if very large

1 large handful red grapes

1 tomato

1 red apple

5-6 strawberries

Here is a juice idea as promised

So this is one of my favorites and I tried to be as accurate with quantity as possible, but quite honestly fruits and veggies do not come in the same size with each purchase. I have a habit of buying large cucumbers and I use very large handfuls (heaping handfuls) of ingredients. Very honestly, this is a really delicious veggie drink full of very essential fruits and vegetables, that even our 12 month old daughter loves. One last tip when making your veggie juice, I alternate between the juicy and dry ingredients to keep it flowing nicely. Also, I make sure to get all the seeds out of the apples. The seeds have been linked to arsenic and taking an extra second to cut them out is well worth it for me. Enjoy 🙂

Green Gush

1 cucumber

2 celery stalks

1 large green apple or 2 small

1-2  large handful green grapes

2 large handfuls spinach

“The Program”

Looking at the hyped up and over dramatic news feeds on Facebook that start with, “check out my amazing program!” that makes me cringe. I worry about the people reading the posts that simply do not know any better and can become susceptible to the scam. I am talking about the various status’ that say, “John Smith has lost 36 inches in 3 weeks on my program.” The worst is the one that hooks the susceptible mom looking for a solution to the new, not so comfy body she has post-partum. “Look at Jen Smith she has lost 45 inches and 30lbs in 3 weeks of her baby weight.”

These “programs” trouble me on so many levels. Lets start at the beginning. Firstly, you have no idea what the chemical reactions will be inside your body on both the short and long term. There are not enough studies done on the long term reactions and the likely hood of diseases and cancers to your body. These additives you are putting into your body could be any combination of poison, not regulated by the FDA and overall just scary stuff. Don’t be in a rush to get quick results.

Second, this is not “YOUR” program. I have actually deleted “friends” of FB because I couldn’t take these posts anymore! Its not as if the sales rep were in some lab mixing these chemicals like a mad scientist. He/ she probably paid some fee, took a 2 day course (mostly on sales) and bam! Now you have your own store or online store and you decide to crank out the hype on every socail media website pumping your “program” as healthy. This stuff is the furthest thing from healthy!

Third is in regards to the new mommies with the baby weight. Like I said this concerns me the most on so many levels. I know how hard it is on woman who has put on the baby weight and just wants their figure back. I have a 9 month old daughter and I see everyday how hard it is on my wife. Their isn’t any need to jump into a quick fix with chemicals made in a lab. Additionally, on these programs you don’t make a plan, you don’t work on a system of a healthy life style with REAL foods on a consistent basis. Lastly, what kind of example are you setting for you child right off the bat? He/She sees mommie mixing a powder a few times a day. Instead of preparing real, whole organic foods for a nice sit down meal as a family.

So now your thinking ok genius… What should I do? First, you need to accept that there are no short cuts, no quick fixes. The body just doesn’t work that way. When you lose a ton of weight or inches quickly and you go off the “program” you will quickly gain the weight and inches back and then some. A favorite quote of mine is, “hard work solves anything!” If you put together a solid training plan combined with a sound nutrition plan, you can have success. No it will not be fast, no it will not be easy but it will be permanent and so worth it. Remember your kids are watching!

Here are couple of movies that will help you in your goals and will change your mind about nutrition with out any chemicals. They are, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and “Food Matters”. They are available on Netfilx and well worth your time because they should help put you in a mind frame to accept the path of a healthy lifestyle. Good luck getting on track.

Realistic Holiday Options

Realistic Holiday Options- how to make a holiday indulgences work for you
This is the most wonderfully fattening time of the year, but it does not have to be.
Let’s first get back to basics and work to incorporate small things into your .

Everything is fine in moderation…It is true. A glass of Egg Nog is okay to enjoy. Bringing home a gallon a day and sucking it up on the couch with a straw at night is not.

Try to incorporate extra exercise into your daily routine to off-set the extra calories. This can be as simple as looking for the furthest parking spot at the mall so you get a little more of a walk in. Maybe go out and rake the leaves yourself instead of sending the kids so you can be a little more active. And we have all heard that standing burns more calories than sitting so wrap those presents standing at the kitchen table rather then sitting in front of the TV.

We have all read that you should make healthy choices when snacking at parties or loading up your plate at a big holiday meal, but as often as you hear it and you try to psych yourself up to make good choices, all is usually lost when the cheeses, cookies, adult beverages and holiday atmosphere greets you at the door. So I suggest you go in with realistic goals and then you won’t be disappointed with yourself the next day because of your overindulgence. Allow yourself a cup of cheer, a bit of dessert, a taste of an appetizer and heck dip a veggie in some dip.

None of the tips are huge lifestyle changes, but offer simple little steps to offer an offset of the indulgences you should enjoy this holiday season with your friends and family.

Got Milk? Your guide to dairy


Are you getting your necessary daily fix of dairy? Most
people neglect this part of their diet when really they should prioritize it. Milk
is a great way to fill the gaps in your diet when you are strapped on time and
need a quick meal. Dairy products like milk are filled with nutrients,
vitamins, and minerals that can have many health benefits and are essential to
human growth and development. This guide is to inform you of those benefits, to
teach you what products are considered dairy, to let you know how much dairy
you need personally, and to give you some helpful tips for healthier dairy

The benefits of dairy-

Dairy contains many nutrients including: Protein, Vitamins A & D, Potassium,
Phosphorus, Magnesium, and Calcium. Most of our calcium in the human diet comes
from dairy products. In fact, if you aren’t getting the appropriate amount of
dairy in your diet it is likely that you are calcium deficient. Calcium from
dairy products leads to stronger bones and teeth and decreases your risk for
osteoporosis. Along with stronger teeth, you are also less likely to develop
cavities. Dairy products also reduce your blood pressure, risk of hypertension,
type 2 diabetes and even certain cancers. Are you convinced that you need your
dairy yet? Research also indicates that dairy aids in weight loss and weight
management. Your parents were doing you a favor by making you drink a glass of
milk with dinner every night, as dairy aids in growth and development in
adolescence. As an adult, the protein found in dairy (casein) aids in muscle
repair and development as well as building stronger, denser bones.

How much dairy do you need?

is list taken directly from the USDA. Find where you fit
in and see just how much dairy you need in your diet.

Children 2-3 years old 2 cups
4-8 years old 2 ½ cups
Girls 9-13 years old 3 cups
14-18 years old 3 cups
Boys 9-13 years old 3 cups
14-18 years old 3 cups
Women 19-30 years old 3 cups
31-50 years old 3 cups
51+ years old 3 cups
Men 19-30 years old 3 cups
31-50 years old 3 cups
51+ years old 3 cups

What counts as a cup?

Ingeneral one cup of dairy is equivalent to one cup of milk, soymilk, or yogurt,
1.5 ounces of natural cheese, or 2 ounces of processed cheese.

What are my dairy sources?

Milk, Skim milk, 1%, 2%, whole milk, chocolate milk,
strawberry milk, lactose-reduced milk, lactose free milk, and soymilk

Cheese American, Cheddar, Ricotta, Cottage, Swiss,
Parmesan, and Mozzarella

YogurT – fat-free, low-fat, reduced fat,
whole milk, and frozen

Milk-based desserts

-puddings, frozen yogurt, ice cream

**You want your dairy products to be either fat free or low
fat. The nutrient content is the same in reduced fat milk compared to whole
dairy, the only difference in the fat content leading to extra, empty calories.
I have two exceptions to this rule of thumb. The first is for yogurt. With
yogurt I recommend low fat vs. fat free as fat is part of what yogurt actually
is. The second exception is for children and growing adolescents. For them I
recommend 2% or whole milk and dairy. As they are growing and developing they
can benefit from the additional fat and calories.  However, if your child is overweight or at
risk of becoming overweight, then I would recommend the 1% or fat free
products. **

If you are lactose intolerant your best bet to replace your
dairy is to use soy milk or soy products.

For more information on dairy you can visit the USDA website