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A New Juice Idea to Try

Here is another juice I enjoy. This one is really more of a veggie extravaganza, but you get the idea. Full of vitamins and veggies. Just a reminder, I drink and make at least 16 ounces (but usually 20-22 ounces) for each juice. So depending upon how juicy your veggies are you may need to double up on the ingredients. Enjoy and keep an eye out for another recipe coming soon 🙂


2 carrots

1 tomato

1 yellow squash or ½ if it is large

1 cucumber

1 large handful spinach


Is Your Workout HARMFUL?

There are many reasons why a workout can be harmful. First, lets start with poor execution. If you are using machines or weight improperly on your own at the gym you can really hurt yourself. Second, lets go to over exertion. Programs and pop-up fads like P90X and CrossFit  are all about over exerting yourself which have led to countess strains, stress fractures and more bodily harm than good. Lastly, DVD’s or on-demand workouts offer a very inexpensive way to workout but without professional oversight the opportunity to do more than your body can handle within the routine are very great. Over the next three weeks I will delve deeper into the harms within each instance above and alternatives which will be safer for your body.

Here is a juice idea as promised

So this is one of my favorites and I tried to be as accurate with quantity as possible, but quite honestly fruits and veggies do not come in the same size with each purchase. I have a habit of buying large cucumbers and I use very large handfuls (heaping handfuls) of ingredients. Very honestly, this is a really delicious veggie drink full of very essential fruits and vegetables, that even our 12 month old daughter loves. One last tip when making your veggie juice, I alternate between the juicy and dry ingredients to keep it flowing nicely. Also, I make sure to get all the seeds out of the apples. The seeds have been linked to arsenic and taking an extra second to cut them out is well worth it for me. Enjoy 🙂

Green Gush

1 cucumber

2 celery stalks

1 large green apple or 2 small

1-2  large handful green grapes

2 large handfuls spinach

Fruit and Veggie Juicing

Myself and my family have incorporated juicing into our lifestyle and I would like to share some of the benefits with you. With very busy days I was finding it hard to keep my energy levels up and keep from getting that dragging feeling each day. I am not a coffee drinker and do not believe in any of the energy shot type supplements either. Then a friend mentioned to me the documentary……………. After watching it my mind was made up regarding adding fresh juice into my life. The juicing has helped give me a boost of energy on the long and physically demanding days I have. I eat green apple slices for snacks to curb my hunger, fill me up and get a bit more fruit in each day. Over the next few weeks I will share some recipes that myself and my family enjoy.

Five steps to Losing the last 5 lbs before that big day



So you have either been dieting for the past few weeks and you are stuck with that last five pounds or you have put off losing the extra five pounds you put on from winter and now the day of reckoning is almost upon you. The big event of course varies. From birthday party, summer vacation, family reunion, wedding or just shorts season in general. So in the event you have four weeks left I say it is never too late to start the workout routine. I will recommend the following five steps to getting you to your goal. First, It may be in your best interest to add in some classes or personal training sessions to really jump start your routine and get that metabolism going.  Second, drink water and only water. You can cut out so many calories and carbs that you will not even miss by drinking only water. This also means drinking plenty of it. Those eight, eight ounce glasses per day are not enough so go for ten glasses. Third, pay real close attention to what you are eating. I am not saying completely cut out every delicious morsel you contemplate putting in your mouth but take note of what you have been eating and try to consume some less. Fourth, you should try to increase you activity. I know you have heard it before but parking farther away in the parking lot or taking the stairs instead of the elevator really does help burn more calories. Walking more, no matter how you can squeeze it in, will help you take off that weight and if you keep it up you can keep it off.  With the extra working out, walking and less eating I am sure you are hungry at this point, bringing us to the last step. Fifth, try to increase your fruits and veggies. They are good for you of course but their high fiber content will help you feel full.

Good luck and if you need some help please contact me for openings in the schedule for personal trainings or class availability.

“The Program”

Looking at the hyped up and over dramatic news feeds on Facebook that start with, “check out my amazing program!” that makes me cringe. I worry about the people reading the posts that simply do not know any better and can become susceptible to the scam. I am talking about the various status’ that say, “John Smith has lost 36 inches in 3 weeks on my program.” The worst is the one that hooks the susceptible mom looking for a solution to the new, not so comfy body she has post-partum. “Look at Jen Smith she has lost 45 inches and 30lbs in 3 weeks of her baby weight.”

These “programs” trouble me on so many levels. Lets start at the beginning. Firstly, you have no idea what the chemical reactions will be inside your body on both the short and long term. There are not enough studies done on the long term reactions and the likely hood of diseases and cancers to your body. These additives you are putting into your body could be any combination of poison, not regulated by the FDA and overall just scary stuff. Don’t be in a rush to get quick results.

Second, this is not “YOUR” program. I have actually deleted “friends” of FB because I couldn’t take these posts anymore! Its not as if the sales rep were in some lab mixing these chemicals like a mad scientist. He/ she probably paid some fee, took a 2 day course (mostly on sales) and bam! Now you have your own store or online store and you decide to crank out the hype on every socail media website pumping your “program” as healthy. This stuff is the furthest thing from healthy!

Third is in regards to the new mommies with the baby weight. Like I said this concerns me the most on so many levels. I know how hard it is on woman who has put on the baby weight and just wants their figure back. I have a 9 month old daughter and I see everyday how hard it is on my wife. Their isn’t any need to jump into a quick fix with chemicals made in a lab. Additionally, on these programs you don’t make a plan, you don’t work on a system of a healthy life style with REAL foods on a consistent basis. Lastly, what kind of example are you setting for you child right off the bat? He/She sees mommie mixing a powder a few times a day. Instead of preparing real, whole organic foods for a nice sit down meal as a family.

So now your thinking ok genius… What should I do? First, you need to accept that there are no short cuts, no quick fixes. The body just doesn’t work that way. When you lose a ton of weight or inches quickly and you go off the “program” you will quickly gain the weight and inches back and then some. A favorite quote of mine is, “hard work solves anything!” If you put together a solid training plan combined with a sound nutrition plan, you can have success. No it will not be fast, no it will not be easy but it will be permanent and so worth it. Remember your kids are watching!

Here are couple of movies that will help you in your goals and will change your mind about nutrition with out any chemicals. They are, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and “Food Matters”. They are available on Netfilx and well worth your time because they should help put you in a mind frame to accept the path of a healthy lifestyle. Good luck getting on track.

Time to hit the weights..woman included

If you aren’t lifting weights you minus well just skip the gym all together.

Ok, that is actually a little harsher then is completely true, but in all seriousness, I cannot stress enough just how integral strength training is for your physical health. As much fun as it is to run endlessly on the hamster wheel (I mean treadmill…ha ha) there are so many benefits to stepping away from the cardio machines and over to the weights section in your gym.

While you may think that you can lose the weight with loads of cardio, which on face value I agree with you can make sense. Unfortunately that is just not the case. By incorporating strength training you will ideally build lean muscle mass which at rest (means you do not actually have to do any physical activity in order to encourage it) will burn more calories. Therefore you can lose weight throughout the day, like while enjoying a movie on the couch, simply because you focus attention within your workout on strength training.

So if you are looking to reduce your body fat, increase your lean muscle mass and burn calories when you aren’t even trying then strength training is for you. I am not suggesting you strap on the weight belt and lifting gloves and power lift for an afternoon with the men in the corner at the gym, but by introducing slow and controlled strength activities into your workout routine you will work smarter and not harder to meet your fitness goals.

For a one on one introduction into proper strength training techniques please follow the link to Elite Training LLC and learn how our trainer can help you.