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Rugy Team Conditioning

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For the 3rd year in a row Elite Training LLC. is the Speed, Strength and conditioning coaches for the Philadelphia Woman’s Rugby Team ( ). After we performed a team wide evaluation. We have began training the team to build up their weakness and make their strengths stronger for the upcoming season.  After being rained out last week were able to get a tough conditioning workout at the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

We met the team at the steps at 7pm and got things started off with our ADW.

Next,  we began the main part of   the workout with 2 mins. of arm swing drills. Then, we went into core work and our interval ladder sprint sets. The AB work consisted of  30 seconds goes, followed by 8 sprints up and down the Philadelphia Art Museum steps. The team was to focus proper arm swing, knee drive and skipping at  every other step going up.  On the way down they were to stay relaxed and have quick feet, hitting each step on the way. We continued the workout above but dropped 2 laps each set until we got to zero. The ladies only got to enjoy 1 min. of rest between sets.

After a 2 min. rest we started to work on balance by single leg hoping up each step with arm swing being vital to having enough power to climb the steps. After each set we went into 30 seconds of plank push ups. This continued for 3 sets with 2 mins rest before starting the next part of the workout.

Unfortunately, the weather was look pretty scary, but we were able to squeeze in a cool down with an AB set right before the skies opened up and cut our session short!

Check back in next week when we continue to train the team!


Pre-Season Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Camp starts soon!

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Once again we will be running our Pre-Season Strength and conditioning Camp for Wrestlers starting on September 7th. We have had a great response and only have a couple of spots open. We have a great crew coming in for this years camp so keep a look out for pictures, videos and training logs from the camp! Pictures above are from previous years camp…enjoy!

 Pre-Season Strength and Conditioning Camp for High School Wrestlers

“Champions are made in the Pre-Season!”

Date: September 7th, ending on November 13th (10 weeks)

Tuesday 6-7:30pm, Thursday 5:30-7pm and Saturday 1-2:30pm

Space is limited to the 1st 10 wrestlers that sign up.

At  Elite Training LLC., we believe that
hard work during the pre-season is the  foundation
for post-season achievement. In today’s ultra competitive wrestling environment,
success is the direct result of preparation. Any wrestler determined for a
successful season must begin preparation weeks if not months prior
to the start of the regular season. Waiting for the season to begin your
training will not put you on the road to success but will lead to failure on
the mats. Furthermore, simply wrestling and competing on the mats will not lead
to success. Off the mat training in wrestling specific strength and
conditioning greatly increases your edge over the competition!

What will be covered: Wrestling specific Strength and Conditioning Training Camp will
address the unique needs of wrestlers, such as footwork, hand speed,
explosive power, muscular strength, anaerobic endurance, cardiovascular
conditioning, core training and injury prevention. We offer skills and drills
that will get you to the next level. This will be a functional training camp
where we will use: kettlebells, bands, stability balls, balance pads and many
other pieces of equipment that are not the same old bench and squat lifts that
many programs consist of.

For questions and team/group rates email

Tennis Camp Update!

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Elite Training is part of the DVTA Tennis Camp held at Villanova University for the 3rd year in a row. We work with the campers on speed, agility, strength and conditioning with 3 different grouped level of players (Elite, Intermediate, and Beginner). Each player that we work with has a Sports Performance evaluation and is then placed in the proper group so that they receive the appropriate level of coaching,  teaching and intensity to reach their maximum athletic abilities for the individual.

Elite Group:

This group is composed of high school tournament level players that are looking to reach a new level of fitness and competitiveness. These players were selected not only based on their evaluation score but their level of participation on the tournament circuit.

This week’s workout is in the final phase of our training plan which is the Performance Phase. In the performance phase we work on more advanced techniques, high pace with short rest periods.  We have built a solid base of body weight training, balance and core work that has prepared the group to train at this high level. As expected with this dedicated group the kids have responded great to the increased work load and pace.


10 Interval Sprints on 7 seconds with 5 seconds rest.

4X of a Agility, Core, strength circuit with basic to advanced progression on each set. As always carefully attention was paid to proper technique throughout the workout.

Intermediate Group:

We worked on basic speed techniques that focused on proper starting, stopping and balance. In additioin, agility techniques were transitioned into linear speed sprints then into decelerations.

10 Interval Sprints on 8 seconds with 6 seconds rest.

Ladder drill: Single leg hops into sprint 3 each leg alternating each rep

Core as a cool down.

There are only a few more weeks left in the camp so be sure to check back in for more updates from Tennis camp!