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What a Great Week at Anthony Becht Football Camp

Elite Training LLC, had a great week as part of the Anthony Becht Football Camp at Bonner High School. The weather was great this year, the kids were excited to work hard and learn. With the talented Pro-Football Player Anthony Becht so involved, of course it was successful. I took this opportunity to teach and of course to learn new techniques from my fellow cliniciers, including Anthony Becht.

Elite Training was in charge of the Speed, Agility and Fitness Station. We concentrated on techniques to benefit youth football players.  This was a great opportunity to meet new dynamic people to learn and grow from, all in order to be better for my clients.

It meant a lot for Elite to have the opportunity to participate and teach the kids who came out for a great session. We take it serious to act as good neighbors and contribute to future athletes, and this was such a great opportunity for that. We look forward to participating again next year.


Elite Athlete

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We want to wish good luck to Elite Training Athlete Sean Quarterman as he leaves for his 1st college football camp tomorrow at Millersveille University. Sean will be a freshman QB this season and hopes to win the starting job as a freshman!

Sean has been an Elite Training client for over a year. He trained with us last spring/summer when we were hired to train the Monsignor Bonner High School Football Team in Drexel Hill, PA.  After graduating this spring he signed up again to prep for his 1st college season. Sean trained with us 2-3 times per week for 1.5 hours each workout. We trained Speed/Agility and conditioning for 45 mins. followed by 45 mins. of strength each time.

After a successful high school career we wish him the best in is college career and have high expectations for him this season.