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Rugy Team Conditioning

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For the 3rd year in a row Elite Training LLC. is the Speed, Strength and conditioning coaches for the Philadelphia Woman’s Rugby Team ( ). After we performed a team wide evaluation. We have began training the team to build up their weakness and make their strengths stronger for the upcoming season.  After being rained out last week were able to get a tough conditioning workout at the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

We met the team at the steps at 7pm and got things started off with our ADW.

Next,  we began the main part of   the workout with 2 mins. of arm swing drills. Then, we went into core work and our interval ladder sprint sets. The AB work consisted of  30 seconds goes, followed by 8 sprints up and down the Philadelphia Art Museum steps. The team was to focus proper arm swing, knee drive and skipping at  every other step going up.  On the way down they were to stay relaxed and have quick feet, hitting each step on the way. We continued the workout above but dropped 2 laps each set until we got to zero. The ladies only got to enjoy 1 min. of rest between sets.

After a 2 min. rest we started to work on balance by single leg hoping up each step with arm swing being vital to having enough power to climb the steps. After each set we went into 30 seconds of plank push ups. This continued for 3 sets with 2 mins rest before starting the next part of the workout.

Unfortunately, the weather was look pretty scary, but we were able to squeeze in a cool down with an AB set right before the skies opened up and cut our session short!

Check back in next week when we continue to train the team!


Tennis Camp Update-Week of 8/8-8/12

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This week’s workouts continued in the final phase of our
training plan which is the Performance Phase. The storms early in the week
brought us some nicer, cooler weather. The players didn’t have to worry about
battling the heat and high humidity. They did, however, have to worry about
maintaining solid form in each of the exercises we did. We spent months perfecting
form so that the players were ready for this high pace heavy workload of the
last phase of our summer training.

In Tuesday’s workout the focus was power, plyometrics, and
cardio. After our active dynamic warm up we moved into our burpee sprints. The
players lined up on the doubles line along the outside of the court. They
stayed moving the entire time, bouncing on their toes until I cued them to
perform the burpees. After 5-10 burpees the players blasted right into their
change of direction sprints on the court. They full out sprinted  to the service center line, back to the
doubles line, all the way across court to the opposite doubles line, and then
finally back to the doubles line where they started. They repeated for a total
of three repetitions before a nice two minute break. After the break we
repeated the process for a total of three sets. The long rest allowed the players
to perform at a high intensity level throughout all three sets. The players
looked very explosive as they changed direction, making for faster and stronger
gameplay. We then moved into single leg lateral plyometric hops on the agility
ladders. The players performed the assigned hop on the ladder and then broke
out into side shuffles. I was a little skeptical at the beginning of the
workout with everyone looking so tired, but I wouldn’t be let down. As always, the
players made me proud by exceeding my expectations and working harder than

After a tough workout on Tuesday, I wanted to combine
different skills that were taught and worked on throughout the summer. We
combined different hurdles, ladders, shuffles, and sprints in a drill that was
topped off with a ball feed for either a forehand or backhand. I was amazed at
the pace in which each of the groups performed. They flew through the drill and
finished with shots all kept within the singles court!

Working with these players over the course of the summer has
been nothing but a pleasure and any Sports Performance Coaches’ dream. I have
watched before my eyes, not only these kids become better players, but also
better athletes in general. The sky is the limit as these kids continue to make
solid gains.