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What a Great Week at Anthony Becht Football Camp

Elite Training LLC, had a great week as part of the Anthony Becht Football Camp at Bonner High School. The weather was great this year, the kids were excited to work hard and learn. With the talented Pro-Football Player Anthony Becht so involved, of course it was successful. I took this opportunity to teach and of course to learn new techniques from my fellow cliniciers, including Anthony Becht.

Elite Training was in charge of the Speed, Agility and Fitness Station. We concentrated on techniques to benefit youth football players.  This was a great opportunity to meet new dynamic people to learn and grow from, all in order to be better for my clients.

It meant a lot for Elite to have the opportunity to participate and teach the kids who came out for a great session. We take it serious to act as good neighbors and contribute to future athletes, and this was such a great opportunity for that. We look forward to participating again next year.


Tennis Camp Update-Week of 8/8-8/12

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This week’s workouts continued in the final phase of our
training plan which is the Performance Phase. The storms early in the week
brought us some nicer, cooler weather. The players didn’t have to worry about
battling the heat and high humidity. They did, however, have to worry about
maintaining solid form in each of the exercises we did. We spent months perfecting
form so that the players were ready for this high pace heavy workload of the
last phase of our summer training.

In Tuesday’s workout the focus was power, plyometrics, and
cardio. After our active dynamic warm up we moved into our burpee sprints. The
players lined up on the doubles line along the outside of the court. They
stayed moving the entire time, bouncing on their toes until I cued them to
perform the burpees. After 5-10 burpees the players blasted right into their
change of direction sprints on the court. They full out sprinted  to the service center line, back to the
doubles line, all the way across court to the opposite doubles line, and then
finally back to the doubles line where they started. They repeated for a total
of three repetitions before a nice two minute break. After the break we
repeated the process for a total of three sets. The long rest allowed the players
to perform at a high intensity level throughout all three sets. The players
looked very explosive as they changed direction, making for faster and stronger
gameplay. We then moved into single leg lateral plyometric hops on the agility
ladders. The players performed the assigned hop on the ladder and then broke
out into side shuffles. I was a little skeptical at the beginning of the
workout with everyone looking so tired, but I wouldn’t be let down. As always, the
players made me proud by exceeding my expectations and working harder than

After a tough workout on Tuesday, I wanted to combine
different skills that were taught and worked on throughout the summer. We
combined different hurdles, ladders, shuffles, and sprints in a drill that was
topped off with a ball feed for either a forehand or backhand. I was amazed at
the pace in which each of the groups performed. They flew through the drill and
finished with shots all kept within the singles court!

Working with these players over the course of the summer has
been nothing but a pleasure and any Sports Performance Coaches’ dream. I have
watched before my eyes, not only these kids become better players, but also
better athletes in general. The sky is the limit as these kids continue to make
solid gains.

Elite Athlete

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We want to wish good luck to Elite Training Athlete Sean Quarterman as he leaves for his 1st college football camp tomorrow at Millersveille University. Sean will be a freshman QB this season and hopes to win the starting job as a freshman!

Sean has been an Elite Training client for over a year. He trained with us last spring/summer when we were hired to train the Monsignor Bonner High School Football Team in Drexel Hill, PA.  After graduating this spring he signed up again to prep for his 1st college season. Sean trained with us 2-3 times per week for 1.5 hours each workout. We trained Speed/Agility and conditioning for 45 mins. followed by 45 mins. of strength each time.

After a successful high school career we wish him the best in is college career and have high expectations for him this season.

Tennis Camp Update!

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Elite Training is part of the DVTA Tennis Camp held at Villanova University for the 3rd year in a row. We work with the campers on speed, agility, strength and conditioning with 3 different grouped level of players (Elite, Intermediate, and Beginner). Each player that we work with has a Sports Performance evaluation and is then placed in the proper group so that they receive the appropriate level of coaching,  teaching and intensity to reach their maximum athletic abilities for the individual.

Elite Group:

This group is composed of high school tournament level players that are looking to reach a new level of fitness and competitiveness. These players were selected not only based on their evaluation score but their level of participation on the tournament circuit.

This week’s workout is in the final phase of our training plan which is the Performance Phase. In the performance phase we work on more advanced techniques, high pace with short rest periods.  We have built a solid base of body weight training, balance and core work that has prepared the group to train at this high level. As expected with this dedicated group the kids have responded great to the increased work load and pace.


10 Interval Sprints on 7 seconds with 5 seconds rest.

4X of a Agility, Core, strength circuit with basic to advanced progression on each set. As always carefully attention was paid to proper technique throughout the workout.

Intermediate Group:

We worked on basic speed techniques that focused on proper starting, stopping and balance. In additioin, agility techniques were transitioned into linear speed sprints then into decelerations.

10 Interval Sprints on 8 seconds with 6 seconds rest.

Ladder drill: Single leg hops into sprint 3 each leg alternating each rep

Core as a cool down.

There are only a few more weeks left in the camp so be sure to check back in for more updates from Tennis camp!