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A New Juice Idea to Try

Here is another juice I enjoy. This one is really more of a veggie extravaganza, but you get the idea. Full of vitamins and veggies. Just a reminder, I drink and make at least 16 ounces (but usually 20-22 ounces) for each juice. So depending upon how juicy your veggies are you may need to double up on the ingredients. Enjoy and keep an eye out for another recipe coming soon 🙂


2 carrots

1 tomato

1 yellow squash or ½ if it is large

1 cucumber

1 large handful spinach


Is Your Workout HARMFUL?

There are many reasons why a workout can be harmful. First, lets start with poor execution. If you are using machines or weight improperly on your own at the gym you can really hurt yourself. Second, lets go to over exertion. Programs and pop-up fads like P90X and CrossFit  are all about over exerting yourself which have led to countess strains, stress fractures and more bodily harm than good. Lastly, DVD’s or on-demand workouts offer a very inexpensive way to workout but without professional oversight the opportunity to do more than your body can handle within the routine are very great. Over the next three weeks I will delve deeper into the harms within each instance above and alternatives which will be safer for your body.

Here is a juice idea as promised

So this is one of my favorites and I tried to be as accurate with quantity as possible, but quite honestly fruits and veggies do not come in the same size with each purchase. I have a habit of buying large cucumbers and I use very large handfuls (heaping handfuls) of ingredients. Very honestly, this is a really delicious veggie drink full of very essential fruits and vegetables, that even our 12 month old daughter loves. One last tip when making your veggie juice, I alternate between the juicy and dry ingredients to keep it flowing nicely. Also, I make sure to get all the seeds out of the apples. The seeds have been linked to arsenic and taking an extra second to cut them out is well worth it for me. Enjoy 🙂

Green Gush

1 cucumber

2 celery stalks

1 large green apple or 2 small

1-2  large handful green grapes

2 large handfuls spinach